Want "VERY ORDINARY" rock/pop/ballad MIDI beats & fills...

Can you help me find a big set of MIDI files (beats and fills, and some variations of these) that I can browse so that I can assemble a drum track for my compositions (I’m using Cubase and Battery). BUT… I’m searching for something that is… hard to find, rarely offered… (read on, you’ll understand…!)

I’m not really good at programming drum beats or fills, and even if I was, I still would want to explore possibilities that I wouldn’t have thought by myself. And that doesn’t imply that I’m searching for complex, unique or original beats like the ones they sell on a lot of websites, no, I’m really searching for BASIC, SIMPLE, ORDINARY, USUAL, COMMON, GENERIC BEATS & FILLS (not really interesting stuff, in a way…!) and their corresponding FILLS. Yes, simple BEATS and FILLS that you can hear if you tune in to a pop or classic rock radio station, or if you listen to a Bowie, a McCartney or a Abba record. I searched the web a bit but I mostly stumbled upon complex, original, singular, extraordinary beats… that’s not what I’m searching for.

My compositions are mostly slow-tempo pop/rock style, kind of ballad or slow-rock, and I like powerful (slow) beats like for example the ones in the song Drive by The Cars or in the Top Gun love theme by the band Berlin.

I know I could just create them easily in my DAW, but I want to have a ready-made big set so I can readily browse through them and say “oh yeah, that beat, I forgot about that simple but really useful beat, how could I…”

I guess I can probably find this simple MIDI pack for free on the web since I’m talking about generic, commonly ordinary beats and fills.

So can you help me unearth this stunningly ordinary MIDI pack on the WWW?javascript:emoticon(’:D’)


Hi Stevo8,

Might be worthwhile checking this out: http://www.groovemonkee.com/home/
They have some free downloadable sample packs, maybe you’ll find something usable there?

I’ve bought a few of their products and use them in my tunes (as a starting point, the groove e.t.c.), good value for the money … :slight_smile: .



Thanks Mauri!

I have found one specific GrooveMonkee product that will surely suit my needs! The description says:

  • “for those seeking rock and pop grooves that are less busy and more straightforward”
  • “basic bread and butter rock beats”
  • “hard driving, direct and to the point”

These words strangely sound like: BASIC, SIMPLE, ORDINARY, USUAL, COMMON, GENERIC!!!

The product is Rock Essentials 1 MIDI pack by GrooveMonkee. In fact, I have just bought it 5 minutes ago after trying the convincing demo samples!