Want your Opinion - N5 to C6 switch

I have both C6 and N5, because I find that I am chasing updates that are not in sync across two platforms and I would prefer to look at and have the same workflow across workstations, I am thinking about moving to C6 from N5 on my primary PC1 workstation.

PC1 runs N5, PC2 runs C6, vst link transports are locked, PC1 Nuendo is where I compose midi and then record midi performance to audio ( this is for lower budget film scores so I do my own post and mix, and mostly stereo, but will need 5.1 for future projects) .

I will be using Avid artist Mix and Control.

It seems that C6 has surround, and plenty of post for project studio level, does anyone see any advantage to stay with Nuendo ( given my set up that is …I have no real issue with N5 ) ?

If I ever need to work with a large post house, I imagine I might just send stems, or get an entry level PT rig and dump from cubase to PT ( like Hans Z. but not by the track, by M&E stem level ) , so anyone doing post work please chime in on this thought as well.

Thanks in advance


If you are considering working solely in Cubase, I would just go ahead and try the switch and see what you will miss, if anything.

Your work flow would be the eye opener in this case and would surely show you what you were missing once you did a project or few only using Cubase.

I would miss the better automation system and advanced mixer functionality. I would wait and see what Nuendo 6 has to offer before making the decision.

Don’t forget the extra mixer view and the “edit mode” for post. I’ve thought about using only cubase. Nuendo has always felt better to me for some reason. Anyway, Cubase 6.5 is due out soon (NAMM?) so I’m interested to see what will be done with Nuendo. Hopefully get rid of the silly Nek.

thanks for your input Sunshy, WoodCrest , Likely story, the automation and mixer input view is something to consider.

I did like the last midi update in N5, although some others did not.

The latest C6 update midi changes look great, it always seems that midi on Cubase is a step ahead of Nuendo, and I spend more time composing and editing midi than mixing …but have to deliver a final mix to video, and yet to explore artist control with Nuendo advancements, so I think trying N6 and then decide is the course :sunglasses:

and + 1 on roll NEK into Nuendo standard releases ( I think thats what you meant) that would do the trick as the two platforms I think would be indentical except for advanced post features

If you have both, then concentrate on working on Cubase only for a while, and it will soon become clear if you miss any Nuendo Features or not.