Wanted: Classical example projectfiles for VST symphonic

Is there someone who has (classical and more) example project files for the Vst Symphonic Vsti with expressionmap feature.
On this way i can learn more about articulations

Good idea.
Maybe someone did a nice Score that he would like to share, so we could evaluate its full potential.
Actually i am not very convinced about this library, sounds not very natural to me.
I didn’t go in to the depth of the expression map feature yet though.


Besides the VST symphonic …there is also the 14 VX programs included in the Halion Sonic Pro soundset.
Cubase 6.5 has default also 14 programs with articulation
So if someone has made a nice score from this programs …you can share it if you like
To get a idea how it works…
For this a do have a small example with a guitar ,bass and sax articulations found
Loopmash2 used as background drums and the guitar , bass and sax as “instrument track” ( not Multitimbral with a own audiochannel for every instrument)
Cubase 5 VST Expression SOS example project JW v1-01.cpr (526 KB)