Wanted to demo spectralayers 10 but it just goes to spectralayers "one"

I was really hoping to try it out but somehow it’s broken and just loads “one”.

I have cubase pro 13 (and 12, 11, before that)… does it automatically install a spectralayers demo? I’m disappointed I can’t even demo spectralayers. Is it because I purchased Cubase pro? You can’t demo it if you own their $700 software? This makes no sense.

I wonder if years ago I opened SpectraLayers or something and said I have no idea what this is, closed out, and it was like, that’s your demo, you sold yet??

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You probably purposely/accidently installed “one” somewhere along the line when you were installing cubase.

Open the sb download assistant and then click on, say Cubase 13 pro. See all those extra items of content and programs? Be sure to NEVER click Spectralayers there as that’s the stripped down version :slight_smile:

At any rate, I own Pro 10 and I do see that on sb main pages, there is a 30-day trial for Pro 10.

Someone here will have info for you soon I’m sure on how to get a demo happening.

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Fine, I’ll buy it, I hope you’re happy!! lol

Just to be clear - SpectraLayers One 10 and SpectraLayers Pro 10 are the same installer/binaries. It all comes down to what license is activated in your Steinberg Activation Manager. Make sure to activate your SpectraLayers Pro 10 trial license in the Steinberg Activation Manager, after requesting it on SpectraLayers’s web page.

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Ugh ok that is exactly my confusion and what I was doing wrong. Usually I am an idiot but this is incredibly convoluted and poor design on steinberg’s end.

I purchased Spectralayers 10 and STILL found even after I put in my registration code it would load spectralayers ONE instead of TEN. I uninstalled and reinstalled spectralayers 10 quite a few times. I went into the install for cubsase pro 10, 11, 12, unclicking spectralayers one thinking that was getting in the way. There is no message “No license for Spectralayers 10 found, reverting to spectralyers one” when you load spectralayers so it’s not clear why it’s loading one instead, it seems like it is some crossed wires.

I see now that when you buy spectralayers 10 and it gives you the message enter your license code and you do and it gives you the download… IT DOES NOT ACTIVATE IT that is a different process in a different program (license manager) that you have to do. Maybe I missed the directions somewhere that I had to do that. Oh and my “trial” license (which is not a license, it’s a trial) was in license manager too.

So really confusing and poor design on Steinberg’s case on this one, but I got it working and it’s indeed a very cool piece of software!

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