WANTED - Yamaha DX / FM books (please)

Hi folks,

i am currently studying FM Synthesis and am looking for any such books on this subject. In particular, the Howard Massey books and the DX7 & DX7ii manuals.

i have these as PDF but i would much prefer to read from a hard-copy.

Will obviously pay for items and postage.

Many thanks,

Paul Seaman


Thanks FS,

i did email this seller twice at the weekend but he has still not replied.

i was asking that this item is 37 x pages but the PDF version i have is about 90 x pages ?? So wanted to clarify if it was the SAME book or not.



this one looks original but only has 34 pages .i wonder if the pdf you have is a combination of a couple of manuals

Thanks FS,

i just had a quick look at it ta.

i think the one you have sent the link to is the ORIGINAL manual for the DX7 Mark-1. The one i have (80+ pages) must be another one published by Yamaha at a later date ?? (ie. a more comprehensive version).

Is it LEAGAL for someone to photo a whole book (or to print PDF pages) and to then sell it on ebay ?? :question:

who cares its only a manual which only has any use to anybody who owns a dx, not exactly a novel by a struggling writer, why dont you print off the pdf if you have a dx7, i don`t think yamaha would mind.

Hi FS,

Well the seller has not responded to two messages so i won’t be buying it from him.

i purchased a a couple of dvd’s on ebey last year and when they arrived i found they where copies and also the quality was dreadful. The seller did not state they were not originals and so i opened a ‘dispute’ and i was awarded a full refund.