Wanting older version of LE

Hi all,

Got Cubase LE bundled with some hardware and thought it would be good to clunk around on my old laptop. I’ve got 8.5 Pro on my studio PC, but that’s 3,500km away at the moment.
The activation papers out of the box didn’t say what version I was going to get, and I was disappointed when it came up as Cubase 9 as it’s a 32 bit laptop I’m running. Will the activation code work with earlier LE versions, and if so, how can I download it since the code is assigned to 9?
I’d even be happy with 4 or 5 as it’s just for audio and some lazy beats, yo…



Yes, with Cubase 9 LE activation you can run Cubase 8 LE too.

Of you want to use it on the second computer you have to reactivate the license.

Thanks Martin, how can I download the earlier version when the code is for 9?


You can download Cubase LE 8 full installer here: