Warm Audio mics?

Has anyone played with any of their reproductions? They just released a U47 repro - I watched the demo video and it sounds rather nice in spite of the fact that I watched it on my laptop using the built-in speakers. And for $899 the price point (at least compared to a U47 :mrgreen: ) has to get people wondering if it could possibly come close to the original but at least warrants a look-see.

I have not heard it, and if it sounds close to a U47 is really irrelevant as long as it sounds good and fits the voice.
I did listen to all the mics on this list, did not look at the price tag and made a list of possible candidates for my next mic.

I must have missed the point :confused: What mic are you talking about?
FYI the Audio-Technica AT4047/SV has a warm sound and is supposed to resemble a U47.

Warm Audio is the name of a microphone manufacturer.

OK got it. Cheers!
It’s probably noteworthy that the Audio-Technica AT4047/SV retails for less than the Warm Audio U47 copy.
I notice Warm Audio also do a copy of the U87, the WA87. I wonder how good a copy that is.

Sound On Sound has a review on the WA-87 mic in the December issue… which according to that test don’t sound much like an original Neuman U87.

@Carvin: yeah, I saw that too. I heard the audio comparisons of the U47 vs. the WA-47 and they sounded similar. But the audio was only an isolated vocal and again with an isolated finger-picked Taylor. There wasn’t much talk about frequency response, how well tracks sit in the mix, etc. That’s why I asked here in case someone had some hands-on experience with it.

I have a Flea 47 that I think is fantastic. More expensive than a Warm 47, but far less expensive than a Neumann U47. I absolutely love the Flea. I have it paired with a Heritage Audio DTT-73 (their 2 channel table top version of the Neve 1073). This combo is magic.


To really find what a mic is made of, I will track an entire song with it. A lot of microphone character can be frequency dependent and using a wide range of sources, it will reveal it.

Larry, if you want to hear a 47ish sound, you can stop by and check out a LeWilson 247c mic. I also have a Shure KSM353 that is be said to sound like a U 47 fet. Are you looking for an all-around mic, or something specific?

Not looking specifically. Just trying to educate myself in case I get some extra money ever for mics.

If you want to catch the 47 flavor, door’s always open. To see if it’s even up your alley, you know. It is kind of a specific flavor.

Hey, on a side note Larry, I got the card you sent. Thank you so much for that. It really made my day. I don’t check my mailbox very often which is why I haven’t messaged you sooner. I think I opened it last week.

I didn’t know you had a 47. Is it the tube or FET version? Or am I showing that I’m ignorant because one of those doesn’t exist? :laughing:

The ksm353 that I have is referred to sounding like a u47 f e t