WARN!! Compatibility problem with third part VST 2.4 plugins

I’ve found that since the update to Nuendo 5.5 (Mac OS X Snow Leopard, 64 bits mode), there is a compatibility problem with third part VST 2.4 (i386) plugins. As I’ve written in a previous post (to which no one has given an answer or solution), when you load a plugin that is VST 2.4 - i386, according the plugin information window, and open the plugin window, what appears is not the plugin interface itself, but a window with an small thumbnail of the plugin inside (I attach a screen capture of it).
vst 2 plugin window bug.jpg
You have to click in this thumbnail and then the plugin graphic interface opens, but “outside” Nuendo (that is, the mixer disappears, the project windows turns shadowed…) It’s very annoying because it makes everything goes slower, not to talking about automation of plugins parameters, what becomes a mess having to change from Nuendo to plugin continuosly (and having to click with the mouse, because the cmd+tab shortcut doesn’t work).

The worst part of this issue is that none of the VST 2.4 i386 plugins that you may have will appear in the contextual menu (right-click) to apply a plugin to an audio event, so forget using these plugins this way.

I’ve read all the new version of the manual as well as all the documentation and Steinberg hasn’t warned about this compatibility problem in any of these documents.

Any help?

Knowledgebase: Mac OS X 64-bit Support

“When the VST Bridge is in use, only the GUI of one of the plug-ins that are bridged can be displayed. The rest of the plug-ins inside the bridge will show a generic interface”

Thanks for the info, but, where is it said that these plugins will disappear from the contextual menu, so you can’t use these plugins offline (applying the process to the audio event)?