Warning: Nuendo 11 will not install on Windows 7

Just letting you Windows 7 folks know that Nuendo 11 will not install on your system. Just found that out after purchasing. I’m not going to move to Windows 10 until I build a new system. Just too much involved in that for my giant system to deal with until it’s on a new machine.

So unless you’re ready to move to Windows 10, stick with N10. I should have looked at that closer before purchasing. I didn’t realize that dropping official support for N10 equals uninstallable for N11. Now you know.

Hello! There are news for you) There are two ways to install 11 version on win7. The first one is to unpack the installer and run the installer with the .msi extension - Nuendo will be installed and will work, but not all functions will work as it should, and I hope you understand why)) The second way is to install Nuendo on another computer that has Win10, then copy the folder with the installed program and transfer it to your computer with Win7. Of course, all these manipulations are carried out at your own peril and risk, officially this is clearly not approved))) but still …))

That is very kind of you to fill me in. I guess I should have done a bit more research. I know N10.3 is not officially supported but it has been running great for me.

My system is extremely complex with a lot of hardware, some of it proprietary, and getting everything to play happily together with all the Hardware, software and plugins requires a lot of time dialing things in. I will switch to Windows 10 when I build my next central computer within the next 12 months but not before then. So I appreciate you responding so quickly and now I’m off to do the install.

Thanks again!

As it turns out after trying several tricks, including renaming “exe” “msi” and various other subterfuge, N11 will not install on Win 7. Not going to happen, I’m afraid. The OS check is built into the N11 app installer itself inside the hidden Temp folder, not into the supervisory installer presented to the end user.

No go.

You misunderstood me)) The .exe installer itself is an archive that can be unpacked with Winrar or 7zip. And there inside there is the installer itself with the .msi extension, so it should be run. In any case, I can send you the folder with the installed program, if you like.

Just choose the W10 upgrade pathway instead of mucking about with N11 in W7, it’s simple, stable, and no fresh OS install required. Just make sure you image your W7 disk before doing so, in case you run into problems.


Good suggestion but my system is insanely complex. Handbuilt rackmount plus additional rackmount expansion chassis with a system total of a mix of 15 PCI and PCIe cards. Took a good bit of massaging to get it happy and in my case I don’t trust an OS upgrade to figure it out.

As it turns out, All.'s suggestion worked, much to my surprise. N11 is running great, better than N10.3 on my Win 7 system. Who knew? I thought for sure simply moving the Program Folder and User Data Folders from my Win 10 machine to my Win 7 machine without a “real” install would have some consequences in the Registry or some such. Nope.

I will be building a zillion core AMD monster in the next few months and that will obviously be Win 10. But in the meantime, this is running great.

Thanks, All Smithh
(I don’t think that’s spelled right, dude).

Congratulations, you won, man !!!