Warning to eLicenser users

If you upgrade your Steinberg instrument content licenses i.e. in my case, Fractals, Granular Symphonies and Zero Gravity from the eLicenser to the Steinberg Activation Manager, these can no longer be seen in Cubase Pro 11 or earlier.

Meanwhile, Backbone users continue to be treated with utter contempt. If you don’t believe me look at the Backbone forum Latest Virtual instruments/Backbone topics - Steinberg Forums

unfortunately there are quite a few SB products that have this issue when upgrading - as your old elicenser license is inexplicably removed. It’s a farcical situation.

It also affects new purchases too: :roll_eyes:

I’m surprised there hasn’t been more uproar about this ?

I had spare licenses that I could not activate which have now expired. And yes, I agree it is farcial