Warp Analysis increases project file

I have a 2h project. I use warp analysis on one mono file and it took many hours to segment the file.
Now my project file is over 100mb and it takes a lot of time to save.
How can I purge warp data to reduce file and saving time ???

anyone ??

You could re-import the original wav file and delete the analysed clip and file perhaps. Or, better still, you could save the project as a new version, then re-import and replace… Then you can go back to the analysed version if you need to.

I was working on a 2 hour live gig a while back and after I’d done all my editing it would take about 3-4 minutes to save. I can’t reduce the save time because I like to keep all the cut/edited/comped parts so I can go back if I need to.

Also I started to have GUI slow-downs, i.e. takes 2 seconds to respond to a mouse click. so, to keep the GUI responsive I work only on small sections (e.g. single songs, or parts of songs) and I move and hide all the other songs/instruments onto different tracks so they don’t need to be updated by the GUI. I also bounce down edits/comps to new track versions, but keep the edited version (in case I need to go back) hidden in another track version, or even another hidden track. Anything to reduce the amount of ‘objects’ visible on the screen.

It is certainly the case that with a 2 hour project length you will always get a large project file and long save times I think.


Really is there no other way to solve this problem ??

I can’t believe it …

I frequent a studio where the chap uses ProTools and he keeps his projects very neat, tidy and small by constantly bouncing down and fixing things in stone as he goes along. That’s just the way he is, and he always gets the job done fast with his system giving good performance. Not that I subscribe to that method, but it’s probably the only way!!

So I guess if you bounce things down and replace them, then clean out the pool without deleting files, you will have a much smaller project. And if you use version numbers every time you save then you will even be able to go back and open previous versions to re-edit things should you need to. Although then getting it back into the latest project can be tricky - but I’ve done it before it can be done…