warp from project window, import groups - FX - sampler and master buss

I wish there was a way to email this directly to Steinberg so I know they have read it… but these are all features that should have been implemented long ago:

  • warp from the project window with the ability to use group editing.

  • edit quantized audio after the fact with group editing (similar to above). If you quantize a large section and one note is on the wrong value it is not convenient to adjust the single note/hit if the group editing is activated.

  • currently free warp grid does not have triplets!!! you can’t snap to anything other than the straight time signature unless you enter musical mode, which effects the process completely.

  • no shame in looking more deeply at pro tools “import session data” and realizing that it’s far, far superior to cubase import track from project. Ability to import routing, plugins only, group channels, master buss, no audio, only main audio, alternate playlists.

  • create templates without the audio. Currently if you work on one tracking session and then want all those channels in a new project the template will include all of your recorded audio.