Warp Markers Sometimes Don't Show

I’ve read the manual and watched videos but I must be missing something. I double-click an audio event, click hitpoints, click edit hitpoints, set the threshold, add/delete points as needed and click create warp markers. The three arrows next to the audio warp drop-down turns yellowish orange. I click the audio warp drop-down. I click free warp. Sometimes, I will see vertical orange lines as I would expect so I can move them as needed to manually quantize. The lines have a triangle at the top pointed down, at the ruler. Sometimes, I will only see one or a few lines. Sometimes, there are no lines at all but the triangles pointed down are there. If I click each triangle (this can be allot) the lines will appear. Is there something I’m doing causing this? Or, is there a button to click to make the lines appear at all the down pointing triangles?

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