Warp Mode! Faster than real time automation writing!

Is anyone else interested in being able to write automation Faster than real time?
At the moment I have large sections where the level will not need to change. To combat this, I write the start and the tail of that section and then delete the silent automation bits in the middle, thereby filling the section in between with the level I started and ended with.
Ideally, I’d like to be able to write the automation at double speed or faster. I Was thinking it could help with my work flow. It’s kind of in keeping with the whole offline processing ideology.

Do you guys know this other little shortcut? Lets say your writing some loooooong automation where the level won’t need to change, while in play and writing automation, hold down SHIFT and tap +. As long as your holding SHIFT it transports forward Very Very quickly. Release SHIFT and you drop out of this warp mode, now jiggle your fader and the level will be at the same level as where you launched into warp mode. Now write the end automation level. . The inverse applies when you SHIFT and tap -. You usually need to fill the area covered by deleting the two automation points where you launched into and out of warp mode to fill automation level in between. BUT, sometimes, when you release SHIFT, the automation written in the area covered while in warp mode is filled with the same level as where you launched. Kinda neat but unpredictable. I always have a little smile when Nuendo auto fills the area with the automation. Is this a commonly known thing?

Is there any particular reason you’re not taking advantage of the automation panel’s options? There should be several ways of doing this fairly easily I would think.

I usually just draw it. That’s faster than real time and gets me the precision I usually need. But It’s a cool idea and I’m going to check it out.


Yeah thanks Lydiot!
New favourite key command= Fill Loop!