warp tabs


if you look at this video you see on bar 4.3 i attempt to fix the clap hit via adio warp, notice how i put 3 warp tabs down, one at the start of bar4.3 and two before it to compensate the drag of the sample before it. why does the middle warp tab right before bar 4.3 warp tab make a difference in the sound of the wav after it, if it already has a locked warp marker there? maybe some tips on going about editing like this.

Warp Tabs are for making the grid fit the audio, not the audio fit the grid.

hmm i always thought of them as opposite, so is there like a tab to trans function i can use then and not have to enter the audio warp window?

Two posts on basically the same subject is getting confusing. Best we stick to one and get to the root of the problem, not the percieved root. :wink: See OP’s other thread.

not so much the same, this one asks about a certain thing that is happening, the other post refers to a specific question with a follow up one to your answer" is there a tab to trans function so i can just split without audio warp window. two very separate questions. both happen to involve the warp tabs and audio editor.

I still have the same Q as there. Is the correct original tempo of the clip reflected in the pool?

perhaps my original post should have just been "whats the best way to quantize audio to the grid. and then gone on to explain how ive gone about doing it so far, then maybe some1 cold comment better on that and explain a possible workflow scenario.

ok i just selected create slices from tabs the quantized audio, bamm, that works a lot better than laying free warp tabs down and sizing the audio to the grid, i was running into a lot of artifacts, which is what brought up my questions