Warped Timeline: 50% ( et al ) Playback Speed & no pitch change & MIDI-Audio-Video Synchronized

Dear Forum,

I did not find neither(??)
the 1/2x shuttle key command is not my approach as you are determined to press the key command whilst wanting to hear the reduced speed :slight_smile:
Logic can do
Guitar Pro can do
Pro Tools can do

It´s a logical thing working in audio at a certain stage for any kind of tasks from composing to recording to playing back without change in pitch nowadays

I assume from my investigation that you cant even do it in the wave editor?



What do you want to achieve, please?

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Dear Martin,
Thx for your response.

The idea is:
pressing space and hearing one stereo audio track and seeing its video synchronized in 50% speed with my current project. In this particular project I warped the grid to the audio

It would be okay to change the tempo in the project making sure that audio MIDI and video follows, switching the tempo setting in i.e. the transport bar back and forth non-destructively.

watching this to check out options…

The problem here is that my video´s audio track speeds up according to my tempo setting in the project as soon as I click the musical mode check box in the Pool Window not keeping the initial state.
Plus: The video does not sync and displaces picture and audio.
The aim would be slowing down video AND its Audio in sync corresponding to my warped grid, AFTER changing the tempo setting in the transport panel.

The way cubase does it with the 1/2 shuttle key command…
BUT no pitch change and playing back without the need pressing shortcuts during playback



Switch the Musical Timebase of the track to the Linear Timebase, please. If Musical Mode is enabled on the Audio Event, disable it, please.

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Hi Martin,

as I understand you correctly

  1. switching the musical time base into linear in the track header
  2. checking the musical mode box in the Media Pool window (or generally deselect it?)
  3. switch back linear time base to musical time base in the header

As soon as I check the musical mode in the media pool Window, the audio leaves its bar alignment still…

I guess, you aim at the behaviour of the audio clip in the arrangement. Did not understand it yet how it relates to the tempo changes in the transport

Here is a section of a warped portion (grid was adjusted to Audio) that should be played back in 50% relation with Video Sync. This does not clearly work as only the spot where the cursor is located changes its tempo, when I change the tempo value in the transport panel manually.

So it seems not obvious, how the whole arrangement can be handled by the software to be played back at a lower tempo relation (25%, 50%, 75% et al) taking the complete length of a project into account.


I’m sorry, I had to think to something else, when I was writing the previous message.

If you want to let the tracks (and the Events/Parts Starts) follow the tempo changed, the track must be in the Musical timebase (not Linear). And if you want to stretch an audio according to the tempo, the Musical Mode has to be enabled.

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Hi Martin,

detailing my research on a workflow a bit here:
okay, the problem is that - when Musical Mode is checked in the Pool window- the audio somehow moves and does not stay intact with its relations of the manual edited grid marker positions in the arrange window. The alignment is destroyed then

The actual state of the project though is in perfect shape in the original tempo. MIDI is played back to the warped audio markers correctly. My Midi arrangement is also in sync to the movie and to its audio…

How to just play the whole thing slower now with Picture-Audio-MIDI Synchronisation and produce from there?

Plus I need switching forth and back the tempo without destructing any audio quality during the process as I am working on the music on the go…

I used to apply more dedicated software for that, but Cubase might be able to handle it :muscle: with some workaround ideas, when not implemented yet.