WAS Going to Update

I’ve been using solidly Cubase LE4 now for the last six months. Before that, I studied this particular version intensely for about two months, trying each feature and control, and making many test clips based on what I was learning from the manual and other users. I should mention that the LE4 manual is terribly written; the Cubase 6 being some 100 times improved.

Until about a month ago, I was 100% determined that it was time to upgrade to Cubase 6. My decision was partly influenced by some hands-on experience with 6, thanks to an acquaintance, and my realization the Cubase audio engine is as good as anyone’s on the market today. I can say that I now have about a CD worth of professional-quality finished pieces that were all recorded exclusively with Cubase LE4 and a great selection of 3rd-party plugins.

Of course, during all this time my curiosity had me learning, testing and experimenting with several other DAW systems. For good example, my oldest son is also a well-known professional musician but in the electronica genre. He swears by his Ableton 8, which I can understand, since he works with it at live shows and likes to make changes on the fly. Two other DAWs I experimented with heavily, because they were absolutely free to download and try with no troubles or strings attached, have been Zynewave’s Podium 2.40 and also REAPER 4.11.

So I will now make some comparisons here and my assessment of my future status with Cubase. First and I think foremost, using the same essential setup, PC, plugins, what-have-you, NEVER did Podium, REAPER or Ableton 8 ever freeze, crash or (in the case of Ableton, the only with full license here) cause any grief or issues with the licensing. All DAWs produced music of at least equal quality to my Cubase setup.

However, in the case of using my Cubase, I was confronted with two major license problems, major issues with what I can only conclude are bugs (and these after the most current 4.1.3 hotfix). Suffice it to say that my PC system is powerful enough for anything Cubase can throw at it, without wasting time on listing specs, and let me assure the reader that I know IT and PC service issues as well as most of my former colleagues. Furthermore, NO changes had been made to the PC or programmes surrounding any of the several problems.

I apologise for a long length to this post; however, since this is both my very first and also last on this forum, I hope one can excuse. After great patience, working hard to “like” or at least accept Steinberg software as it is, I have to say that I simply cannot tolerate such issues. I am well-informed of Cubase 5 and 6, too. It seems like every new edition fixes some past issues but also creates more new and often serious ones. I will not tolerate such behavior from a $400 piece of software.

I also conclude that it is we legal and law-abiding users of Cubase who are paying the price of the many, many licensing problems I and others have had; meanwhile, one can observe the dozens of cracked editions floating throughout the Net. And I also point out that Steinberg’s licensing is not what can be called “industry standard,” either.

Sad that just over a month ago I had every intention of being a lifelong Steinberg customer. You know, I have never posted on this forum, instead getting most of my needed info from other forums, because I have read and witnessed the arrogant treatment handed out to (particularly) new users. I believe it is wonderful that Yamaha is ultimately now in charge, as they are reputable and will most certainly purge the bad behavior from this forum and possibly also within Steinberg itself.

It has been a standing joke up until now within the recording industry that Steinberg is about the last place you go to get a caring and speedy response to any user problems. As secondary proof I note that Cubase issues are discussed some 10 times more on other forums than ever here. Here, one is faced with everything from snide responses and even unkind emoticons. One can almost see the tumbleweeds blowing across the pages here, because few post complaints and even fewer offer mostly ignored suggestions to all-knowing Steinberg. I will disappoint some by saying that it’s very unlikely I’ll return to this post to read the sort of brainwashed trolling criticism I always have seen when anyone complains.

Instead, I’ll leave you to your software and your prejudices. Some commentators here sound as though they are paid Steinberg employees, trolling to strike down any users who don’t toe the company line or express complete love for anything Cubase. Well, I have no love for bloated, poorly functioning software. I find nothing elegant about this DAW, even in Cubase 6. What happened? Steinberg used to be THE industry leader, yet mostly all I see now is a company struggling to keep up with the innovations of the others.

For some obligated other specifics, I will add that even 6 is a nuisance to apply routing, docking (or the lack thereof) is well below state of the art, the floating transport is an annoyance, forcing us to convert all .fxb to .vstpresets to make Cubase happy is an annoyance, having to unfreeze tracks to further update them is silly, Cubase ought to store user prefs. and settings immediately, safely, and well before it feels like crashing, and Cubase sometimes even likes to forget instructions and where it stores various items. I believe software should always do what it is told. It should be our servant and not the other way around. It’s an understatement to say that it has wasted an awful lot of my time and that there is little that is intuitive in its function. I offer these scattered remarks if only to avoid too much vaguery.

I’ll be sure to forward a copy of this farewell post to my contact at Yamaha, and if mysteriously “disappeared” from this forum, I’ll gladly then post this elsewhere around the Net. Unfortunately, based on my previous experiences with this forum, the issue of trust is also part of my complaint.

A Note: In my last licensing problem, my Steinberg contact, although trying to be helpful, supplied a suggested fix that was miles from the correct solution. When recontacted, and after I explained its failure and that I might just quit the software and move on, I received no further response.

WOW - I’ve had no major problem’s with Cubase Le4 or Cubase 6 ever.
Never had problems in this forum (The old one yes )
And I’m not a Steinberg employee and don’t write Software for a Living.
Just a Rockin Rollin, Fender P-BASS, STRATACASTER guy. hmmmmm :astonished:


PS: Yea I agree the Cubase 6 Manual is
Light Years better then the Cubase Le4 Manual.
Course what does one expect for FREE. :slight_smile:

PPS: Tele ---- is this your first post to the forum :question:

Sorry Teleplayer but what a pointless rambling post, I’m sure you’ll get on well with Reaper.

Apparently, I forgot to turn off post notifications via e-mail before pulling out of here, so thanks for your response, since it made me catch that now. Some observations:

A.) Someone posts a complaint or problem with the software, and one of the most common responses is “Gee, I never had a problem.” This accomplishes nothing. Take a poll of all users posting on the Net. More than half have had some kind of issue. License problems regarding Steinberg are everywhere. Do a search.

B.) Thanks for the reminder. I did post on forum briefly once before, but an unrelated topic concerning only CDs and vinyl records. My mistake. I had forgotten.

C.) Another common response – or excuse, really – that’s offered when anyone complains about LE4 (or its manual, in your case) is to remind the person with the problem that Cubase LE4 is FREE. No, it is not. It comes bundled with various hardware, and you can be sure at least a few bucks in the purchase price had something to do with it. Besides, giving someone garbage just 'cause it is free is part of what is wrong in Western culture. Some purchase the bundle wanting mainly the Cubase, not really needing whatever gadget they had to purchase.

D.) I don’t know what your values are or where you come from, but I do 10 to 20% of my gigs as freebies, as in charity, as in playing my soft pop sets to bored senior citizens stuck in rest homes or sick kids in hospitals. I DO NOT GIVE SECOND RATE PERFORMANCES JUST 'CAUSE IT’S FREE. I give my best I am able no matter whether free or not. If someone can’t sell or even give their best, they should get out of the way and let others provide the service. I don’t sell or give away crap. That’s not only stupid, I believe it’s immoral. So the whole notion that since LE4 is “free” – which really it isn’t – should be tolerated and tough luck, etc., is about the lamest excuse. Musicians who provide second-rate service, whether free gig or not, don’t go very far (some excellent advice).

Don’t feel bad, though, instead of being any help to me or anyone else with software issues, the “it’s free” and “gee, I don’t have a problem” are the most common responses to those people actually needing real help on this forum, probably another reason this whole forum is practically dead.

“Help, I’m drowning in the river!” Response: “Well, gee, I’m on dry land here. I’m not drowning.”

“Help, my car has broke down in the middle of Death Valley!” Response: “Well, your dad gave you that car free, didn’t he? And it was an older model one, right? Not a brand new BMW. Well, you should expect to break down and die in the desert. Duh!”

Thank you for the chance to comment on a few other problems I’ve noticed on this “help” forum.

Oh, eh, and Split – great name. Tells me loads, but, gee, I’m not using REAPER, although I did think that was a cute DAW. Your response in particular is EXACTLY what I was talking about regarding this forum. So thanks for making an example out of yourself. You should be proud of yourself.

Well, we no doubt would be more than willing to help you if you actually posted what your problem with cubase was rather than a rant of meaningless rubbish.

You come on here with basically your first post (2nd actual) and proceed to dribble all over the page.

WTF do you expect.

Split, I expect you to do EXACTLY what you just did – use foul language, act arrogant, be no help at all, offer zero insights, by offering NOTHING. If the specialist at Cubase couldn’t fix that latest problem, if I had to supply a line of code to smooth something out, I certainly don’t expect some foul-mouth kid to do any more than you just did now.

In fact, I remember your avatar from way before and recall you were being rude to another user back then. Aren’t you extremely lucky you can hide behind your computer screen?

Based on your attitude and intelligence, I don’t wonder why you can’t make any sense out of what I posted. I can also tell by your behavior your exact status in the music biz. You see, truly talented musicians almost always express a very noticeable degree of humility, concern and respect. You, sir, show precisely zero of any of these traits. Does your Mum know about how you act? Do you think she would be proud of you talking this way?

Teleplayer: 1. Did you ever research the use of a “DONGLE” when Licensing Cubase 4-5 &6
or is that miles from the correct solution :question:

  1. Will you be inventing new Recording Software
    since Most Present Day software seems to be not good enough :question:

  2. Let me know if you come up with software that
    has a “Mix Button” that turns any mix into a Gold Record :question:

  3. A Drum Button that turns anyone into RINGO Starr :question:

  4. A Vocal Button that Turns my Voice into Elvis :question:

Just some thoughts for the Future :wink:

Jack :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Dear Teleplayer.

Please do what you said you would do and go away!

You may have the last word, bye :laughing:

Sorry to hear Cubase is not for you.

In Split’s defence, you didn’t appear to post here for help in the first place. If you need help, there are more than enough people on here who are willing to offer support. I see your points about the less-than-ideal response to some posts here, but isn’t that the case everywhere?

I’m just wondering what it is you are trying to achieve with this post. All I see is that you are unhappy with steinberg licensing methods and the people on this forum. Should I be thankful for the insights?

Wow - Tele - a little “ENVIE”

Jack :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Strophoid: Yea Exactly :wink:

Jack :slight_smile:

Well, well. It’s all the usual suspects making all the usual statements, proving every word, first of all about what happens on this joke of a forum when a user writes in to complain. Thank you all for proving my points on that.

No, I explained carefully that I did not post this for “help.” Since some of you apparently cannot read or follow a text, I’ll summarize:

I wrote in to explain that I had had some serious performance issues with Cubase software – enough to make me finally decide to move on to a better DAW. I stated this plainly, too. I can’t fathom why anyone would miss the MAIN POINT.

You guys are completely self-brainwashed, trying to defend an assortment of software that displays all kinds of bugs and issues. A nickel for every user who has had license problems would make anyone a millionaire . Go SEARCH it. Wake up!

I wouldn’t expect anyone to buy into Steinberg software after getting a good read on how you guys behave here. I’ve observed this forum for almost two years now, and it’s the same old story. If any of you had any real musical talent, you wouldn’t always act so defensive when users complain. You pull this crap every time. I’ve seen it over and over.

Why not just accept the FACT that I’ve come to dislike my experience with Steinberg, Cubase, and YOU. Accept it. I’ve moved on to much much better software. I’ve tested; I have the proof. This is MY TESTIMONY. You make not like it. I’m not asking you to, just like I’m stating my case and NOT asking for any of your “help.” BUT, you cannot refute my experience, unless you intend to call me a liar, and I don’t think any of you would be that foolish – but who knows.

You know very plainly, if you aren’t illiterate or brain-damaged what the purpose was of my original post. I’ve basically had it with this software, have found better, am posting to explain the reasons for the switch, posting to explain what it was that puts me off this software, company and, as you prove yourselves, this forum.

Halljack, it’s not a button or program that will make you sing like Elvis or produce the perfect fadeout. It’s HARD WORK and practice, and learning your tools well. And if I have to tell you that, if you even have to ask, then it’s hopeless anyway. Go be a plumber, aye? You guys really need to grow up. Your attitude is talked about throughout ALL the other forums dealing with music on the Net. You do realize this don’t you?

Let me end by stressing that it is NOT an LE4 issue only. The dongle concept is idiocy as well. I admit that, overall, Cubase 6 performs somewhat better and has resolved a couple of feature issues, but it is still far from “elegant” or “intuitive” when it comes to making the workload easier.

No forum is perfect – naturally. You don’t hear me asking for perfection. But I’ve seen over and over the same approach to users with trouble from the same little bunch here. You treat them like idiots, make the usual snide remarks. You ask them 20 questions and then provide the wrong answer or none at all. Many times no one will even bother to respond, yet I’ve noticed the thread had dozens of hits and the supposed know-it-alls were logged on. Hmm. I’ve seen you do it to the newbies, the ones who are trying hard to come up to speed, yet may have encountered a problem not of their own making along the way. You guys are the least of my concern, but I can only scratch my head and guess at how much business your attitudes have driven away from Steinberg. No one in their right mind would purchase if they came here first to observe the kinds of responses dealt out by the Cubase thugs here and that cold pre-Yamaha behavior of paid staff.

The last word on this, to me, is that I have been comparing quality of posted clips and tracks, and quantity, between here and other forums where just maybe the users are treated better, inspired to greatness more and, most of all, the software works like it’s supposed to ALL THE TIME, not just when it “feels like it.” Guess what? I think you know the answer, although it is admittedly subjective in nature.

I got some very good work done with Cubase. I admit. But I could have finished even more, if I didn’t have to play software maintenance half the time. Good software should, if anything, “hold the user’s hand” and not the other way around. I felt like a babysitter about half the time! In that regard, I don’t even care all that much for Ableton 8, but it does blow Cubase 6 right out of the water. Ask anyone who has used both.

Now, I’ve just explained it for you all over again. If anything, I came here to help YOU. But you won’t have any of it. You’d rather call people names and behave like offended grandmothers. Have it your way. I can’t dumb this down for you any further. Next time, if you are so lucky, consider who you might be dealing with before you launch your same old tired attack.

It is perfectly clear what your point was, I never argued that did I? I’m just really curious what you think all this achieves? You expect the world to give up on Steinberg now because you figured it’s not for you?

You could come up with some concrete argumentation, that would be very useful both for steinberg for potential fixes and for yourself, because you may just have missed a feature or fix.

Tele - Guess ya don’t get my Humor. Enjoy those other FLAWED SOFTWARES :unamused:

Jack :slight_smile:

Humour? No sir, it’s kind of hard to see when you trolls have it all wrapped up in snide remarks and sneering smilies. Talking about magic software and buttons to help you out, I notice of the three of you, only Strophanie dares post any of his work. I don’t think you girls do anything aside from troll this forum and act like ratbags?

And of Strophanie on SoundCloud, all his are really the same two-chord vamp – they’re all basically the same song over basically the same tempo of monotonous euro dance beat. You know, my son has a machine in a little box that writes better tunes than that all by itself; you just turn it on, dial tempo, input a couple of pitches. Sorry, but that’s not music. Well, maybe it’s elevator music. You don’t really make any music – I looked all over here and searched a few sites I belong to. Ah, so there’s the rub. I guessed right after all!

Now, hallmark, you say “flawed software”? Nope, just like the 50 or so VST/VSTi I had to throw out to end up with the roughly 100 I love and cherish, I have now also thrown out Cubase. So I no longer have any “flawed software.” Everything I use works rather well, but you have bad software and much more – no stinkin’ tunes to show for yourselves. You aren’t even amateur musicians!

Well, no more tears for your eyes. I’m too busy to accommodate you any further. I’m off . . . don’t know what you actually do with your Cubase systems. An inflatable doll would be a lot less expensive, aye? Maybe instead you just hop on the forum every day to “entertain” the professional musicians.

Oh, speaking of which – you’ve been linked, I’m afraid. This thread has got bitly’d and been mirrored, so you’ve been great entertainment to some of my mates elsewhere on the Net. But all things must pass. Bigger fish to fry. You may want to consider choosing new user names, 'cause the cat’s out of the bag now. This thread proved a point I was making in a forum elsewhere – a perfect example. And consider also a 12-step program for your addiction to those Smilies. The monitors here ought to rip that disgusting pile of emoticons right off the corner of the reply page.

So, now I can thank you for YOUR help. Time to shift to the other forum!

It’s too bad things didn’t work out like you had hoped with Cubase. In the end it’s not which DAW software you use but whether or not you are enjoying making music. Use what works best for you and carry on. I can tell you are a true musician. Keep wailin’ on that Tele and everything will be just fine.

You’re welcome. :confused: