was just about to buy 9.5 update but didn’t, here’s why

Was about to buy 9,5 update , but realized that audio alignment is only available in nuendo, so I didn’t buy the update.
Staying on my cubase version 8…
Synchroarts does it for me for now for aligning audio I guess…

Don’t need any other cubase updates besides audio align And melodyne ARA.
Actually the 2 features I would upgrade to 9.5 would of been ARA and audio align but cubase doesn’t have either.

Cubase is really behind all other DAWs… like it has been for past 3-5 years…

FYI: I’ve been auditioning Nuendo, and the audio alignment is OK but definitely not at the level of Synchroarts.

Thanks for the info!
I guess Steinberg’s audio alignment is to synchro arts vocalign,
as variaudio is to melodyne.
looks good for advertising but not great in actual use :wink:

Now if they would integrate ara, or atleast melodyne into cubase and drop the variaudio, that would be a big step forward