WASAPI/ASIO and Sound Cards

Does your DAW enjoy system sounds?

  • Yes - My Driver supports WASAPI so no problems
  • No - My computer only has an ASIO driver

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As a composer, I like to be up-to-date with news broadcasts on the Internet and I accidentally discovered that I can indeed have Windows sounds (as well as Flash player) operating simultaneously whilst Cubase running (even if the transport is stopped) without issue, though this was not possible in earlier versions of Cubase 6.

Admittedly I am only operating at 44.1Khz and I know it’s not professional practice, and early on there was the occasional burst of white noise but now it seems to be quite stable.

The sound cards I’ve found to work thus far are Roland USB devices and Echo Audio, both of which support WASAPI. It would be nice to know if systems such as RME allow this kind of functionality.

Thank you for your participation!

I’m working with the RME Fireface UCX and don’t have any issues with multiple programs playing audio. I can play Cubase 7, Winamp and audio coming from my browser (Chrome, IE) at the same time.

Hi, is this via the same audio out, i.e. a coaxial stereo (or analog audio) output?