Wasted one whole day trying to install

What a pathetic drama. I bought the UR44 and trying to install the Cubase software took 6 hours because of corrupted website for activation. Don’t Steinberg actually quality control check their processes. I don’t mind major stuff ups like that, it’s the nature of the beast. Trouble is, I spent ONE HOUR being sent in circles trying to contact someone from Steinberg in support. And NO!!! nothing like this was mentioned in FAQs or the like. The Forums are so bogged down with tens of thousands of posts, that trawling through them was too time consuming. And ridiculous.

So then I paid another $39.99 to upgrade from A1 to Elements 7, and guess what, it downloaded, but hasn’t installed. I open Cubase and it’s still A1!!! And do you think I can contact anyone from Steinberg/Cubase. Once you’ve found a contact link (time consuming in itself), they then want you to contact Yamaha. HUH!!!

I know that Yamaha now own Steinberg, but what the hell? Is anyone still working at Steinberg or have they all left and turned out the light?

May I make a suggestion to Steinberg (not that anyone will even bother to read this post). Buy an Apple product, find their contact details. Ring them or email them. And you’ll find they respond IMMEDIATELY!!!

It’s instant!!!

I’ve just wasted 8 hours in total after being given the runaround by Steinberg. Eight hours times $60!!! That’s how much my business has lost because of the incompetence and Steinberg’s desire to make sure that NO ONE can contact them for after sales support.

BUT!!! If I wanna make an inquiry about BUYING a product, well, that’s a different story. I can contact them 24/7 and you’ll bet i get a prompt reply.

This is pathetic. But what’s even more pathetic, is this post won’t even get a response. Cause the lights out and there’s no one home.

I was hoping to use Logic on my Mac and Cubase on my PC. Looks like I’ll just be sticking to Logic … after losing $39.99.

Pathetic Steinberg.

But you know, that downloading and installing are two different things??? You have to Start the install program after downloading!

If you are so happy with your logic, then stick to it.

And you really sat down to install a new program during business hours?
Install and testing should be done, at your expence, before throwing it at paying customers.

That said, I haven’t used 8 hours in total to install all my Steinberg software versions combined (from SX1 and Nuendo 1.6). I don’t speak for third party plugins (in which can take some hours).

My first thought was that this was a funny guy kidding, but now I’m not sure :confused:

When you install Elements, you will have AI and elements as two separate programs. If you try to run from your existing Ai icon - of course you will get Ai, You need to run from the Elements 7 icon.

Cubase Ai is free software, you will not get much support from free software - that is the nature of free things.

You can download a free 30 day unrestricted demo version of Elements, so why are you so keen to give Steinberg your money so quick if you were experiencing that much difficulty?