Wasted space

I hope I’m wrong here. Is it true I am not allowed to display my project the way I wish to? E.G I MUST have the VST instruments/Mediabay panel displayed at all times, and I MUST have the Control Room/Meter panel displayed at all times in the mixer. Also I cant just click on a minimize box when I want to minimize the whole application, but MUST right-click and select from a menu? As I say I hope I’m wrong, but if not can anybody tell me WHY I am not allowed to make these choices, and in what way being forced to waste screenspace on something I don’t need is an advantage?
I’m trying, but I cant really see 8 as an improvement over 7.5. It just seems as though Steinberg are removing some of my options.

Sorry to say it, but if you use Cubase 7.5 you must know at least how to show/hide Control Room/Meter panel in the MixConsole. the same way you can manage VST/Mediabay Rack (or use key command). But to minimize the whole application, you MUST right-click and select from a menu.


If you really feel this threatened by the program you should stop using it! No one is forcing you to use it.
I’m sure Steinberg would not want to be responsible for causing you to snap one of these days because you felt they were trying to force you into doing things you really don’t want to do.

Yeah, kind of.

you can customise your work space very very very very easily, as with 7.5 really.
you can have what you want anywhere you want. even if you want it like C5-C7.5. obviously ala C8 gui. which gives you more freedom, as you are not contained in a box ala C7.5,

your monitor is your real estate in C8. Or just double click on menu bar you can have your 7.5 grey box back.

  • videos online are your best friend .

but have to ask… if you are using 7.5, how come you are not aware? or do you mean something different?

post a pic of your project window

No it is not true. Yes, you are wrong.

Nope. You can hide them at the click of a mouse or stroke of a key.

Yes, unfortunately you must go through the horrendously painful and time consuming procedure of clicking that right mouse button to get a menu. What a show stopper.

The solution here is probably to learn to use your software before having a moan about it. :slight_smile: