Wav File Heavily Distorted Upon Import?

Hello I am a hip hop artist and I am simply just trying to record vocals over wav files, as it turns out when I import the wav it sounds heavily distorted and sounds like it is fast forward’ed what can I do to properly fix this so the beat sounds correct so I can begin recording? I am running a steinberg UR44 and Cubasepro 10 - I purchased when it was half off and I am used to garage band layout so I know it is a simple fx I cannot find. :blush:

Hi and welcome,

I don’t think, there is a FX, by default, there is no FX on a track created from scratch. There could be any FX, if you would use any project template.

Try to increase Buffer Size of your Audio Device.

Make sure the sample rate of the audio file match the project sample rate. If not, allow Cubase to resample while import.