WAV Files Crash Cubase after RAID Copy

Dear esteemed Cubasers,

I have a very odd issue that has arisen after upgrading my data storage drives from a single 1TB to a RAID5 array using the internal Windows Software RAID and 3 x WD Blue 1TB 7.2k RPM drives.

The OS and App drive (SSD) with cubase install on was untouched. Only the data drives changed.

THE ISSUE(S) - all related to WAV files…
Some WAV files fail to play - maybe 3 or 4 tracks will be affected. Some wav files will only play little snips. Some crack and pop out of the speakers, mostly white noise at a constant level, but glitchy. Some screech without sending audio to the master bus (i.e. the speakers screech, but theres no output on the master bus). Some play absolutely fine. VSTs are fine. Its just the WAV audio files.

I have noticed on files that fail to load/play correctly, there is no waveform when opening the file up within sample editor. However, these files play fine from the media bay and from the Windows Explorer but do not when exported into Cubase. They also play sometimes when scrubbing the files within the sample editor, but not from the main score. I say sometimes as sometimes they dont. This is a very strange issue.

Corruption of the files doesnt seem to be an issue on the data drive as the files play in explorer and they play via scrubbing etc. Cubase often crashes too. I’ll attach the latest crashdump (if you want it). I’ve analysed this and it comes back with the following:

ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at 0x%p referenced memory at 0x%p. The memory could not be %s.

But memory isnt an issue - i swapped the RAM sticks over, tried one at a time, etc. Same issues.

FORTUNATELY, the original single disk with all my projects (that I kept for backup, PHEW!!! I’ve already learned to do this the hard way) works fine. I think I need to buy new data storage :frowning: Swapping back to the old single disk for now. Will post back here if I get a RAID5 to work with Cubase

Sharing this experience here for anyone else to stumble across. Hope it helps

Ok after a while of troubleshooting, I figured I had 3 drives in the RAID and 1 was an old drive from 2012 while 2 were newer & the same. I rebuilt the RAID from RAID5 (3 disks) to RAID1 (2 disks) using the 2 disks that are the same and copied over the uncorrupt files from the original HDD.

RAID configured with Windows 10 Storage Spaces

Performance of Cubase has improved - I can now import and play WAVs stored on the RAID, but WAV files will still crash Cubase when processed. For example, I bounced a VST sound to WAV using the Export function and the Pool/Audio Track options toggled. On Normalizing the sample, Cubase crashed (WER 1000/1001)

Sometimes, the audio goes silent and occasionally clips, but mostly crashes. If I can press undo, the sound returns to normal.

The files do not appear corrupt. The only difference between working files on a single drive and not working files on a RAID is Windows 10 storage spaces.

EDIT - processing with VSTs works fine, only the internal Cubase engine processing appears to affect the application
Safe mode also affected. Disabling prefs made no change