WAV files different start points?? and recovery from crash


I think since I first used Nuendo Live last year I pretty quickly worked out that with the pre-record buffer switched on it records WAV files. with fractionally different start points.

This in itself was annoying, as the WAV files couldn’t just be loaded into a different application…(not even the full version of Nuendo) on their own… The only way of doing this was to export as AAF which seemed to solve any issues.

My problem came when I had a crash on save and lost the Nuendo Live data… The WAVs had recorded fine but weren’t in the session.

Of course I’m now left with WAV files that won’t sink up with each other in another application… even when loading back into NL… the are all fractionally different to each other. By a few mS.

On your website I searched for a solution and came up with this… “Nuendo Live even allows you to recover unfinished audio files in case a power cut occurs.”

I’ve checked the manual but no where does it mention how to recover these files?.

Am I missing something.?

I tried to take them into Full Nuendo but the ‘paste to origin’ function is greyed out on these files.

Just to clarify… these are in a session where I armed all tracks and hit record… before someone thinks I have recorded stuff at different points in the playlist.

Is the writing of files with out of sync start times just part of the operation of the program that is normal… which is fine under normal use… But there seems to be no way of lining them up together after a crash??

Hopefully I will get a reply as NL is a very good tool for basic live recording.

Paul Burton

What if you drop the files in a Nuendo session and perform a “move to origin”?


That option is greyed out so won’t let me

Then I suppose there is no BWAV information in the header.
Either you didn’t record BWAV’s or the header got corrupt during the crash.

I think the only thing you can do is finding a sync point somewhere in the project which allows you to align the tracks.


Yeah its 48 tracks of live stuff so Mics are all different distances from each other etc, so can’t realy be done accurately.

Don’t you find it odd that the WAVs don’t all start at the same place?.

None of my other systems do this… (but none of my other systems would have kept the files! which is why I use NL)

I think that is due to buffer-filling when arming tracks.
I seem to remember having seen that before. But also seem remember that it are actuallly very small amounts of difference. Nevertheless, that doesn’t solve your problem.

Are you sure you have recorded in the Broadcast Wave format!?
If so, then maybe a BWV header tool can help you.
If the file format was “regular” .wav, then I am afraid you are out of luck.


Yeah it’s set to record broadcast wav although the files are .wav is that correct?

When you import them into Nuendo.
Do they display some kind of timecode/start time or any Bwav information?