WAV files generated on XP not importing correctly

Wondering if anyone else has encountered this scenario:

WAV files created on a WinXP box (with third party app) are not recognized as such in Wavelab 7 Elements running on Win7. In order to bring these files into WL7, we have to use the “Open As…” function in the Audio Workspace and generate the peak file before placing them into the montage.

What’s interesting is that WinXP reports these files (in the properties window) as being PCM, 16 bit, 44.1kHz, stereo; Win7 reports these files (in the properties window) as unknown. Our old Wavelab Essentials running on XP had no issues opening these files directly in the montage, but Wavelab 7 on Win7 won’t do so.

Perhaps this is an issue with the third-party recording application and I suspect it may clear up once we are able to upgrade that box to Win7, but in the meantime I’m trying understand why Win7 (and, thus, Wavelab) doesn’t recognize the header on these WAV files.

John Bradford
Systems Engineer
Maine Public Broadcasting Network

Please make a sample file available, so that I take a look.

Hi …

I am still on XP pro SP3 running WL 7 (not elements though).

Never experienced these issues.

The only thing WL won’t open for us has been:

-files which are ‘corrupted’ … meaning that a third party application like Weiss SaraCon also confirms they are damaged. I seem to recall that Windoze showed the file attributes OK though; and

-files made in other apps which were accidentally generated as 5.1 fold down so they ‘looked’ stereo.

Good luck.