wav files missing, but still in pool?? STRANGE 5.5.2

Well this is just bizarre. I go to open up a clients song I just did the drum tracks on. and Nuendo says the files are missing? There was like 10 takes of drum tracks and they are not showing up in the pool, but when I open the folder outside of Nuendo, I see the the drum tracks… What the hell is going on with that? I even have the files locked in the project…I did a backup and the same thing. Its only the drum tracks all the guitars and vox are still there.

Via the Windows folder I see only 3 takes of the drum tracks however…Nothing in the Trash or the recycle bin…


Windows 7 64bit OS/ Nuendo 5.5.2 32 bit install.

Use the function: “Find missing files”, and point to your audio directory.


Did that…It says, not found.

And when you use the “locate” and point to the files?


Nah…The files are just not there…I’m not sure what happened here…Even my recycle bin is not empty so I know they are not in their because I looked. I have never had this happen before… I’ll reimport the files from the folder but these are older takes, so I’ll just redo the drum tracks… It’s just weird though I would like to know what I did or what happened.