Maybe a noob question.

How can i convert a wav file into midi data. Just wannna pitch some wave notes on the wright place with the keyroll.
I can’t find the right topic here.

Thanks anyway.

Look into audiowarp section of the manual, as this is complex stuff I suggest starting at the manual with reading it through.
Only monophonic material is suitable for audiowarping (and convertable to midi notes).

Ok, i check this first.

For correcting the pitch in a wav = Audio you use variaudio or pitch correct.
For correcting the Timing you use the timewarp .

None of them requires any conversion to midi.

Cheers, Ernst

PS.: You can - if needed for other purposes - convert Audio to midi via VariAUdio.

I thought this was the question of the OP :confused: anyway he got 2 usefull answers :mrgreen:

Hi - oh - I was referring to the second sentence of the OP which pointed into the direction that he wanted to convert Audio to midi for correcting notes (timewise or pitchwise).

Cheers, Ernst :slight_smile: