wav vs mp3 for parts

I did a search for this, but could not find an answer. When I Export to Audio, I can only get a part to export if I choose .wav - if I opt for the mp3, I get the entire score. Not a huge problem - I can convert it to an mp3 easily enough - but am I missing something?

Thanks for any advice.

This works OK for me, Ron. Can you show me what settings you’re using in the Export Audio dialog? You should find that activating the ‘Export players as separate files’ checkbox on the right and setting the format to MP3 works without issue.


Sorry for the delay in responding - I had to get back to this machine. Attached is an image of the settings. I restarted my setup, in the off chance that it might be the culprit, but same result: I get all four parts with mp3, but I can get separate audio parts with wav.

I’ve had a go at reproducing the problem you report here, and I’ve been unable to do so. If you create a new project with a few players and add a couple of bars of music, then try exporting individual layouts as separate audio files, do you get the same behaviour? If the problem is specific to a particular project it would be good to get a look at it.

I tried it with a few other scores, and had the same thing, or - even stranger - it would only playback one part, despite it having the other part’s name. I think the problem is in iTunes - if I open the mp3 with Quicktime, the correct part plays; iTunes, no. So, the problem is not Dorico per se, but rather how iTunes treats the mp3. For some reason, .wav files are not a problem. I can attach files ( I tried it with three different instrumental combinations ), but this really seems like an isolated issue that I am having, and not a rabbit hole worth wandering down. You suggestion to try different files did help me to isolate the problem. And, as I said in the original post, it is not that big a deal to export as .wav and then convert.

Thanks for looking into this!

You must be opening a different file in iTunes from the one you think you are opening. Maybe you have the same file names with different contents in different directories, or something like that? Or you have two files xxx.mp3 and xxx.wav with different contents, and when you “play file xxx” one player is opening the .mp3 and the other one the .wav file.

An mp3 file doesn’t have any concept of “parts” or “tracks” like a MIDI file does - it’s just a single audio stream. It doesn’t make any sense at all for “the same mp3 file” to play different audio in different players - they must be playing two different files.

Rob - I export the files checking the option to export players as separate files. Here is one example:

–two players, oboe and guitar. I choose the Export players as separate files.
–If I choose the mp3 option, there will be two files, each with the Flow name, and the instrument part - in this case Title-Title Guitar.mp3, and Title-Title Oboe.mp3. Both play back as the Guitar part.
–If I do the same thing, but choose the .wav option, I get two files, Title-Title Guitar.wav, and Title-Title Oboe.wav. In this scenario each audio file plays the correct instrument.
–If I select the file, and set it to open in Quicktime, the files play correctly; this leads me to think this is an iTunes issue, and not Dorico.

But I do agree with the “it doesn’t make any sense” part of your post!

I have a suspicion as to what it might be: I suspect that all of the MP3 files have the same ID3 tags, so iTunes can’t tell them apart. You might want to try using an ID3 tag editor on each of the MP3 files before you import them into iTunes. Kid3 is a free ID3 editor that you can download here. (In due course we will make it possible to set the ID3 tags in the MP3 files Dorico exports.)

Daniel - related to this discussion - In Dorico 1.x when I exported to mp3 and opened up in iTunes the song had the name of the project & flow. In Dorico 2, the name is blank in iTunes. Am I doing something wrong?

No, I expect there’s been a change (for the moderately worse) in the default ID3 tags Dorico is saving. As I say, we plan to make it possible for you to edit these tags yourself in future at export time.

Daniel - thanks for an explanation that makes sense, and lets me call off the exorcism for my Mac…As I mentioned, exporting as wav files, then converting is not a deal breaker. I’ll look into the ID editor.

Thanks for your seeing this to a (reasonable) conclusion!

Hi Daniel - As always, thanks for prompt response. As (as often happens) no good deed goes unpunished - here’s a follow up question. When editing ID tags is added, will there be default settings? I.e. the MP3 title is Project & Flow, composer is project composer, etc.

Yes, I expect so, but until we get there, I’m not sure.