Wave cue marker (CD track marks) metadata

I am encountering a curious problem with track marks written to the Wave header since changing to Wavelab 7. We use a series of perl scripts and rsync to backup, migrate and normalize/SRC our recordings. On every file the name of the first track marker is changed to “End” and in the normalized and sample rate converted files, occasionally the last track marker (actually a splice) is changed to a generic marker (the name is retained).

This is an issue with our perl scripts, I am sure, but before I start to chase this down, has anything changed in the way Wavelab 7 writes cue markers and associated data list to the wave file’s header?

A bug has been fixed with region markers (I think in 7.1.0 or even 7.1.1). This bug was in 6 too.
Apart that, this should be the same.
I advise you to write the same audio file with 6 and 7 to highlight differences