Wave Event Symbols

Could someone please explain to me what the symbols in the upper right hand corner of the wave event display in the project window mean ? There is a musical note, a “W” and what looks like a small wave display.


Audio Event is in MUSICAL MODE which allows Time Compression and Expansion to match the TEMPO

“Musical Mode
The Musical Mode allows you to tempo-match audio loops to the project tempo.
If you activate Musical Mode for an audio clip, realtime time stretching is applied to the clip so that it matches the project tempo. The audio events adapt to any tempo changes in Cubase, just like MIDI events.
In the Sample Editor, you can activate Musical Mode in the AudioWarp section, the Definition section, and the toolbar.
● You can also activate/deactivate Musical Mode from within the Pool by clicking the corresponding checkbox in the Musical Mode column.
● Cubase supports ACID® loops. These loops are standard audio files but with embedded tempo/length information. When ACID® files are imported into Cubase, Musical Mode is automatically activated and the loops will adapt to the project tempo.”

Ok. Now I understand what the note symbol means, but what about the “W” and the small wave displays?


That little W squiggly thing is telling you that that event is in MUSICAL MODE and has been Time stretched or time compressed and is matching your tempo as well

p. 562 in the Manual, link is in my signature for the manual

Ok. Thank you that’s two down. There is also a small waveform display. Do you know what that one means ?


Ok. Heres’s the pic.
Event Symbols.png

That means the SAMPLE END has been Cut/Deleted probably in the Sample Editor Window when you double click the event to open the editor

Cool. Thanks for the info. Stay safe out there.

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