wave lab elements 8 eLicenser and 2 partitions

Hi :slight_smile:) I am trying to install wave lab elements 8 unsuccessful I have a Mac divided into two partitions 1 Mac 2 windows 7
I have the eLicenser Control Center Each partition
I want to install wave lab the Mac partition But he installed Windows partition , I do not know what to do I tried all sorts of possibilities but without success :frowning:

I would be happy for any advice Thanks eldi :slight_smile:)

On the Steinberg site, look under support for de- and re-activation of the license. WL Elements uses a soft-license that is stored on your HD. To WL and the License Control Center, your license is now on a PC, and you want to move it to a Mac. That those are two partitions on the same machine makes no difference.

Or, you could buy a USB e-Licenser, move the license to it on the Windows partition and have it recognized in the Mac partition (or another computer you want to use WL-E on). That way you can use WL-E on more than one computer.

Hi Arjun p :slight_smile:))) took me a while to buy USB e-Licenser! now everything works !! :smiley: a lot Thanks you for the help :wink: wonderful day :unamused: :smiley: