Wave lab light version

Does Cubase Artist 11 have a light version of WaveLab for mastering???
if not any ideas??? I don’t need a heavy duty set up…just a limiter/compressor
etc and some GOOD directions on how to set the settings…

Artist 11 includes a limiter and a compressor. I don’t think you need WaveLab from what I can gather. WaveLab is a completely different animal, not a “mastering plugin”.

You could spend hours, days, even years trying to find “GOOD directions on how to set the settings”.

It sounds to me like you might still be in the “mixing” stage. There is no easy button for this stuff. Can you explain in more detail what you are trying to achieve? What state is your project in now? Where are you trying to take it? So many variables …

just learning…but Wavelab is for mastering… and it looks like LE is free or cheap anyway… are there any other cheap mastering plug ins that are good for light duty and Cubase…?

WaveLab LE is OEM software - included with some other products but not available for direct purchase. WaveLab Elements is fairly affordable. I still get the feeling that what WaveLab is intended for and what you are looking for are two different things. You could always try the trial version of WaveLab Elements so you can see if it is something you would be interested in …

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You still haven’t said anything specific about what you are trying to achieve, so it is very difficult to make suggestions.

I don’t know what your idea of “cheap” or “light duty” is, but the iZotope Ozone products are extremely popular …

Ozone 9 | The future of mastering (izotope.com)

one more thing… I was watching some mix/master video using Cube Pro. Pro
has the “Control Room”. It has a very useful meter on the right side. Lots of set up options and stuff. Until I get pro someday is there a plug in or vst type thing for free or very cheap that will run in Cubase when you have the mixer
open that is a full featured meter like that??

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SuperVision (steinberg.help)

SuperVision…very cool…