Wave Meters

Has anyone figured out how to activate Wave Meters? I can’t find anything about this feature in the documentation.


( http://www.steinberg.net/en/products/cubase/whats_new.html )

Just tested it. Make sure you have activated meter bridge. Then just rightclick and select ‘meter type: wave’.

That’s it :slight_smile:

Ahhh!! Got it, thanks!!

Stupid question but what is the purpose of the wave meters?

Not a stupid question at all… I’m not sure myself except that its fun to see the waveform render on the mixer. Yes, I once had a life. :slight_smile:

The only thing I can see it is being useful is as a “head” up that audio is coming on a particular track? Even then it’s only a second at best…but you could look at the project screen for that as well. TO be honest I do not see this offering any advantage other than it looks cool.

I can see the benefit for some people of being able to work with the full mixer and have a visual of certain waveforms, I don’t know that I would use it much. I haeven’t really checked it out but from what I’ve read it shows the raw waveform and doesn’t show the signal post efx or post automation

For me, it’s professionally useless, but sexy as hell! Clients will love it. It’s just flashy and cool eye-candy.

Ya it’s basically a help for those who like to mix old school, 100% in the console. Before now you usually kept an eye on the project window as the cursorfollowed the tracks.
On an aside, one might remark that psychologically the waves are moving in the wrong direction as the top is theoretically the input to the channel so the signal should be flowing downwards - just kidding :wink:

Yes, to be honest I can’t believe Steinberg made these wave meters run upwards instead of downwards which is the way I PERSONALLY prefer. This renders the entire program completely unusable. What a joke this company is. I’m going back to Cubase SX v1 and I’m never ever going to spend another penny with these con artists. :laughing:

Yes! Back to Atari ST!

“Wave Meters” yet no Retina support…. Why?

Matrix mode


Funny stuff for my Friday! Thanks!


How are you guys getting the Wave Meters to work?

I have the Meter Bridge showing, nice and tall, right-click, selected Wave (not PPM).

No waves, just bouncing bar style meters.

I am sad. :cry:

You guys are all dancing and joking around with your wave meters having a good ol’ party.

And here I am stuck with old-timey meters.

What’s up with that.

They only work on audio channels. Do the channels show as waves in the project window?

Ahhhhhh. :blush:

Thank you.

No, these were all VSTis.

That makes sense, they already have wave data generated for audio files. That’s how it’s not so much of a performance hit.

I guess I have enough flashing lights, for now. :slight_smile:


One more virtual benefit is riding volume in a Mixing Console. For exmple i want to ride vocals and piano volume with big fader, and now i see incoming peaks etc.

I really, really hope that there’s a future option to view the waves post-processing. That would be huge. It would be great to see what your plugins are doing to the wave file, and if it’s destroying it or actually helping it. :slight_smile: