Waveform and midi at the same time

Is it possible to edit or draw notes in the key editor with a waveform like a drum loop as a ghost underneath, I can do it with either just midi or just waves but what about together like FL Studio?

Hi and welcome,

No, you can’t see the waveform preview of the Instrument track.

If you’re trying to align the timing of your midi events with visible audio wave forms, you may be interested in this: Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors

Enabling " Link Project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors" allows me to magnify the audio track I want to align against, while editing the midi events in the lower zone Editor like this:

Thanks for clearing that up, I have been using that method and it works OK. it baffles me that as a long-time…veteran user/investor in Cubase/Nuendo that my Son and his friends with their free updates for life FL studio can do so much cool and advanced stuff in very short order. Steinberg may scoff at the thought but they could learn a lot from FL, the piano roll with ghost notes and waveforms is an excellent way to work, and OK we have the sampler track to invoke in order to manipulate samples but in FL EVERY sample can be manipulated with no track required to name a few…oh well back to it.


For this you can also use the In-Place Editor instead of Key Editor.