Waveform can not be moved precisely (full zoomed - X axis) / Cubase 10, 10.5

Hi all,

Have a big problem trying to sync multiple wavefiles / one of them is mp3 file.
Moving multiple files into the audio part, zooming in fully on horizontal axis i can not move any of the files precisely left,right / works fine until zoom reaches 70-80 %.
After that Cubase starts to move it by some imaginary “GRID” settings / GRID function is fully disabled.
Same thing is happening if i try to do it in project window / (no events to part).

What`s going on ???

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Disable Snap [J], please.

Hi Martin , thanks for the reply .

2o years of using cubase from SX until today :smiley:
Snap disabled / forgot to mention that , sorry / i`ve said grid is fully disabled, but i mean SNAP …
If you zoom in more than 70-80 %, u cannot move the waveform left-right precisely anymore …
Both foe events in part and also trying to do that in arrangement window .

Any clue other thab snap ? Can you test it by yourself ?


Isn’t it because the GUI is sluggish by any chance? Or does it really snap to something?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?