Waveform can not be moved precisely (full zoomed - X axis) / Cubase 10, 10.5

Hi all,

Have a big problem trying to sync multiple wavefiles / one of them is mp3 file.
Moving multiple files into the audio part, zooming in fully on horizontal axis i can not move any of the files precisely left,right / works fine until zoom reaches 70-80 %.
After that Cubase starts to move it by some imaginary “GRID” settings / GRID function is fully disabled.
Same thing is happening if i try to do it in project window / (no events to part).

What`s going on ???

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Disable Snap [J], please.

Hi Martin , thanks for the reply .

2o years of using cubase from SX until today :smiley:
Snap disabled / forgot to mention that , sorry / i`ve said grid is fully disabled, but i mean SNAP …
If you zoom in more than 70-80 %, u cannot move the waveform left-right precisely anymore …
Both foe events in part and also trying to do that in arrangement window .

Any clue other thab snap ? Can you test it by yourself ?


Isn’t it because the GUI is sluggish by any chance? Or does it really snap to something?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

hEY Martin .
Tried right now running in safe mode.
No chance man , this “driving me crazy” issue is still active. Please try it by yourself.
Put a audio track in part .
Try to fully zoom in X axis (left-right) and then try to move audio. It freeze the Cubase for some second and then suddenly come back again .
You cannot precisely move an event / search for a zero crossing , nothing at all …
Thank you man !


Even I Zoom (H) to the maximum and then try to move the Audio Event, it works very smooth here. Are you on Mac or Windows?

Hi Martin once again . Im on Windows. Ive uploaded the video, to show you how it looks like we.tl/t-XF09FxgWEv
Cubase freezes for 2-3 seconds after he move the file .

Thank you


I’m wondering, the Start point is for the whole time on the same position: Does the Audio Event appear after some time?

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes it appear -1,2 seconds after.


I found the same issue already reported to Steinberg.

Hi Martin ,really / is there a solution?
Can you share the topic link , make any sense ?


Sorry, there is no solution. It’s in the internal Stienbergs’ bugs database.

Hi Martin .
I hope that when they found the solution it will be available for all users (10,10.5) / not only Cubase 11 crew… Let`s see …
Anyway, thank you for your time and patience .


Cubase 10.0.X is not in the development anymore. And from the experience of the last years, it seems, Cubase 10.5.30 was the latest update of the 10.5 generation.

This is one of the crucial audio functions - i cannot believe that in 2021 with version 11, marked as “PRO” , users cannot precisely move the waveform … I will not mention the price that i had to pay in total upgrading my Cubase from version 4 up to this date , reducing my ability to work …

NO COMMENT… If they continue to use this approach (Steinberg) , keep releasing new versions, adding new features and on top of that losing basic functionality, many users will search for much cheaper fully working alternatives - i could also be one of them … #/ thinking loud /#


  • Change the ruler grid to “Samples”.
  • Select Events.
  • Change the “Start” value in the Info Line. (You can use MouseWheel or Click&Drag etc.)

Thanks Accel0001 , this is helpful !!!