waveform colours,am I going mad?


I’ve just updated my Nuendo version to 6 and having used cubase 6 and 7 for a long time I like being able to control the colour of my waveforms.

I can’t seem to find the prefs in Nuendo 6 for changing them like in cubase, Am I going mad or are they not there?


This has been discussed about and asked for since N5. I don’t really understand why we don’t have this feature since we are supposed to have all the Cubase features (and more). We’ve never really had a response from Steinberg as to why we can’t do this. Like the OP (and many others), I would like this feature added to N6. Hopefully Timo or someone from Steinberg will see this post and respond.

good, well at least I’m not mad then…


The Waveform colours can be changed, although it can be a pain to get it right.
Can you please post screenshots of what you have with details of what you want it to look like and I will try to help.