Waveform display & audio bug - C7.5.4

Mono file showing up as stereo waveform in track under a specific case.

1). Import stereo wave file from MediaBay to track.
2). Delete the file from track and then delete file from mediabay.
3). Create mono file with same name in the same location.
4). Import that mono file into a track - now you’ll see the same stereo waveform displayed as before instead of the mono waveform that it shows under MediaBay.

Another interesting artifact is - this file plays at 2x pitch no matter what track you put it in. :laughing: :laughing: In mediabay it sounds and looks fine but on import it sounds like chipmunks. :mrgreen:

Now when you rename that file and import it back in - it imports fine, as a mono track and plays fine too!

Possibly the peaks file has not been rewritten or deleted? Bug could be in C8 if someone can confirm this.