Waveform display shifts when zooming horizontally

I’m experiencing something weird, where the displayed waveform sometimes ‘moves’ left by roughly 20ms when I zoom in or out.

The timeline, selection marker and actual audio are all unaffected, so it causes frequent mis-selections when editing. The shift is always to the left, and always by the same amount (±20ms). I’ve experienced this issue both with very long files (3-4 hours) and very short ones (screenshot is from a 1m snippet). The issue can be corrected by zooming in or out a couple of times, until the waveform snaps back.

I’m using WaveLab Elements 9.5.10 (build 17) on OS X 10.10.5.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer some help in figuring out what’s happening here.

Screenshots: (no other action besides zooming was performed. Timeline and selection markers can be seen keeping their position.)

Which method do you use for zooming?
FYI, you are using 9.5.10 while current version is 9.5.15, and we have a new 9.5.20 by the end of this month.

I’ll update tomorrow, thanks for notifying me of the upcoming version too.

This happens when I use both methods of zooming that I know of – using the scroll wheel in the bottom right of the time line or using the keyboard (I have them mapped to R and T).

I’ll post a reply tomorrow to see if the update helped. Thanks!

Yup, of course updating fixed it right away. Thanks again for for the reminder about the current version!