Waveform Display to show each sample in multi layered program

I have an instrument that features 4 internal layers. Each layer can change subpresets of samples individually. Some subpresets contain more than one sample.
How it works at the moment is the waveform display of a layer only shows 1 sample waveform in multi sample subpresets no matter what note is played on the keyboard. I know in Skylab they are able to achieve what I want, where the waveform display shows whatever sample is associated with the key range you are playing on multi sample subpresets. However, I don’t think their solution will work in this scenario.
Because my instrument has multi layers I must spell out the path to the samples in the values in the Waveform Display template as “@0:[Program Name]/@0:Main Layer/@0:Layer 1/@type:Zone/@0:id…” If I don’t type it out this way, then I’m afraid it will treat all 4 layers zones the same. As I stated each layer has its own subpresets and waveform display. So they must remain separate. The way skylab has it, is it just puts the id # as the value on the Waveform Display template. This works since there is only one internal layer within the skylab preset.

Is there a way I can script this so that each layer in my instrument is able to show each waveform display of the multi sample subpresets when playing in the associated key range of the specific sample?

If I need to clarify any of this, let me know!

Thanks in advance!

put the ID of each layer in each waveform display.

Thanks for the reply! I had tried something similar but had issues with that solution. Luckily, Misohoza was able to figure this out and help me along. I meant to update this to SOLVED!


sorry to reopen an old post. I’m trying to display a sample waveform on the macro page but I tried many times without success. Can you please tell me which are the steps?