Waveform in Spectral View and Rectify

Hello. It would be really nice to have the possibility to display the waveforms under NUENDO in “Spectral Peaks”. We gain a lot in work visibility :bulb:

“Spectral Peaks” come from REAPER’s vocubular (cf. image 1). Under SEQUOIA, they call it “Comparisonics Colors”.

The other trick is to just display the positive shape of the waveform, under REAPER they call it “Rectify Peaks” and under SEQUOIA, “Halve”. SEQUOIA goes a little more in the display of waveforms by proposing to separate the stereo (see image 2); we then gain a lot of visibility space. For editing, it’s game changer. Since I know this under REAPER I can not do without it. Thanks for feedback :arrow_right:


And one more picture about legibility of waveforms in Nuendo and Samplitude(Sequoia).
I can see even tiny details of waves in Samplitude and don’t have to zoom so often as in Nuendo.


ProTools also has the option “Rectified” waveform. Samplitude / Sequoia is the one with the most possibilities. This kind of display is really life changing. Thanks Steingberg if you are listening to this post.

“game changer”… “life changing”?.. pretty big words.

Don’t mind if it’s an option, don’t need it myself though.

Sorry, but you obviously didn’t work in this mode) Imagine you live with possibility of 4x optic zoom vision when it’s needed and suddenly it’s gone. I felt that way when switched to Nuendo, as if blind) It’s REALLY life changing for me for the better.

I doubt that a feature in a DAW will change my life…

I’ll reserve “life changing” for getting cancer, etc. But like I said, I’m not opposed to having the option even if I wouldn’t use it myself.

As for somehow showing frequency content within a time-domain waveform I’m actually probably against it. It would necessitate some processing and I don’t think that’s worth it.

In that case I wish your life do never change! :wink: My life changes continually if it 's a desease or a new feature in my favourite DAW)

Ola. Slowly. Is that a way of speaking perhaps? We agree that this remains a feature in a DAW. However, for me this function seems important to me.

No, no. Sorry if I sounded wrong! I really didn’t mean to hurt anyone) I wish everyone good health and nice work! This function just also seems important to me.

I think it was I who did not make myself understood. I sometimes use Google Translate because my English is not very good; that must create problems. I was mostly talking to MattiasNYC: my words shouldn’t be interpreted as other things that would just allow me to be more comfortable on NUENDO. It remains in effect a function of a software, so nothing very serious in absolute terms. Anyway, for me Steinberg is late on this point and if an option or two could be implemented that would be great. The half waveform would already be a good start. The second point could be this option: “Scale peaks by square root (half range is 12dB rather than 6dB)”? That’s two things are already very good. Best regards :ugeek: