Waveform is wrong


i keep having wrong waveform display on nuendo 8.3.15
i found this post saying to right clic / reconstruct but “reconstruct” is not available…

these files are wrong even in the mediabay previewer before importing them to the session.

any help ? can’t work like this.


You can delete the *.peak files, and the waveform will be recreated once you open the project next time.

thx. i will delete peaks i have.
but that starts from the mediabay even if i don’t have the audio files imported to nuendo.

Maybe something’s wrong with theese files, bit, samplerate, channels? Look at their properties. Sometimes it helps me to understand an issue. There was one time I found a wav extender file but it was an aiff by itself. And that bad guy made me trouble.

I have wrong waveforms from time to time. Here it is allways Clips with Edits (DOP). Deleting peak files wont work. Only way to fix it has been to rerender the audiofile. I never had it in Mediabay.