Waveform jumps while zooming

WaveLab Update 10.0.50:

If you zoom in (or out) with the keyboard at the position indicator in an audio file, the displayed waveform jumps to the left and right at some zoom levels. Correctly the display of the wave should expand (or contract) equally on both sides of the position indicator with each zoom level. In other words, the waveform visually should always indicate the same sample at the current position as you zoom.

In 10.0.40 this was correct, in 10.0.50 now it is not.

I can’t reproduce this here, so maybe it’s more specific to your OS or hardware.

Are you able to do a screen recording of it?

I don’t think it has anything to do with Windows or the hardware because it works with 10.0.40 and doesn’t work no longer after updating to 10.0.50. I rather think that there has been a change in the WaveLab software.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to upload a video here.

I can’t reproduce any problem.
If you can’t upload a video somewhere, please try to describe more precisely the problem.


In the video, I zoomed out step by step with the keyboard from the maximum zoom-in level. At the end of the 10.0.50 video you can see the waveform jumping back and forth to the left and right, relative to the current edit cursor position (bright green).
This doesn’t happen with 10.0.40.
The problem with this behavior is that the waveform may be displayed incorrectly at a certain position depending on the zoom level, which will lead to errors when editing.

The URL is not working

Sorry, hope this will work: https://streamable.com/yzhvlm

Thanks, I will try to reproduce.

I can reproduce, but only if your screen scaling is not an integer, like 150%. I guess this is your case.
This will need a fix.

Thank you. Yes, I’ve actually set the scaling to 125%.