Waveform not showing

On some of the tracks the waveform doesn’t present itself unless you double click on it to see the enlarged version, all the way forms were there before but now some are not showing. Any idea?


Can you see the peak files in the Images folder for these events?

I don’t know how to do that if you advise me how to do that I will. But if you’re asking whether these events are actually there then they are because I can hear them and see them when I enlarge by double clicking. Please advise how to do what you ask , many thanks


On the system level, there is a folder, where is your project stored. There is a subfolder, which is called Images. Here you can find *.peak files, which is the waveform image of your audio files. Double check, there is *.peak file for the affected wavefile, please.

Ptrferences -> “smallest track height to show data”

Actually it is now not blank but showing the wrong part. The trumpet is playing the trumpet sound but the waveform image is the saxophone.

Then I would recommend to delete all *.peak files. These will be recreated once you open the project. Or just rename the whole “Image” folder, to keep the backup.

Know. Thanks

Oops, ‘Ok thanks’ Not ‘know thanks’.