waveform question?

Hi, does anyone know how I can see what the waveform will look like for an audio track with an insert effect added to it?

The results can obviously be heard but the waveform remains unchanged so it’s impossible to see how squashed or clipped it may be with efects added.
I suppose I’m asking what is the correct way to acheive this rather than exporting and re-importing just to see what the waveform looks like with effects applied?

thanks :smiley:

Use a plugin that has a waveform display.

None of my mastering plugins have that feature. I assume cubase is not built that way then, does Wavelab or Audition update the waveforms in real time and might be better desigined for this sort of scenario?

Direct Offline Processing update the Waveform

I donˋt know, what „this sort of scenario“ is. Wavelab certainly is not for a mixing scenario. Audition - i donˋt know.

I think you’re looking for an oscilloscope plugin. Try Moscilloscope from M Audio.