Waveform representation of midi without rendering?

Hello folks

Apologies for repeating a question that has sprung up from time to time. And, up to now, usually replied with a No
In my VI orchestral template, is there any way for waveforms to appear within the midi ‘blocks’?
I understand that midi is just information not audio, but in the same way playback interprets that midi into sound, could it not somehow be interpreted into a visual waveform without having to actually render it to audio?
This is for the usual reason: aligning sluggish instrument samples with the grid.
I would use a negative track-delay but each track uses a patch that includes multiple articulations with inconsistent delays.
I can of course use my ears, but sometimes it’s quite hard to tell and a visual representation would certainly make it easier.



I’m sorry, the answer is again: no.

Please add the optional feature-request tag to your post.

Thanks Martin.
So, given my intention, what would be the most efficient alternative for me? Simply doing a temporary render in place?


Yes, I think so.

If realtime is enough, isn’t there waveform metering in mixer?


It doesn’t work for the Instrument Track. Only the Audio Tracks show the waveform as a meter in the MixConsole’s Meter Bridge.

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