Waveforms WAAAY bigger than actual level

My first recording with C11. All good except the wave forms look like the level is off the charts. Too big. Yet when I click on the wave file it looks fine. And sounds fine. I opened the song in Nuendo 10.3 but the waveform displays were still out of whack with the actual audio.

I can’t even begin to figure this one out. Anybody?

Top right side of the project window there is a little scroll bar for scaling the size of the waveform. Very handy for seeing more or fewer details and for editing. I’m guessing this might be your issue.


The controller is above the scroll bar on the right side.

It was!! Thank you sooooo much!
What’s weird is that it happened using only my laptop.
When I got home and hooked up my thunderbolt Cinema display with my laptop, the waveforms displayed accurately. I’m guessing my workspace for only one display got somehow saved with that little controller turned all the way up. I’ve been using Nuendo/Cubase since 2005 and I literally never saw that controller. Like Homer Simpson says “d’oh!!”

Appreciate your help sooo much.

Thanks Martin. That solved it. Your help is much appreciated.

What a great info/help resource we have here!!! Especially in the middle of a session.