Wavelab 10.0.40 crashes when trying to access a 5.1 wav file via file browser

Trying to make an 5.1 audio montage. It just does not work. Using the file browser: When I try to access a 5.1 32 bit wav downmix done by Nuendo WL10 crashes. I can reproduce this. The speaker symbol is off and I even did not hit play. I crashes when I access the file. 44.1kHz is set and it’s equal to the file. (BTW: Same with a 48kHz/24bit 5.1 file!)

Stereo flac files will be loaded (wav as well), surround flac simply do not work. Surround wav crash WL, tested with 24bit 48 kHz as well.

So not only the crashes are annoying. Just not having the possibility to edit a file with more than 2 channels is bothering. Ok.
As workaround I do this in Nuendo.

Now I would like to do a 5.1 montage, crossfeeds and so on. But I did not find a way how to get in the files. I have no idea how I can get the files
into the new 6 ch audio montage.

I tried the same file(s) that are crashing WL- The just do not import. "The following files were not inserted (check the number of channels and the sample rate).

Format : PCM
Format settings : Little / Signed
Codec ID : 00000001-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71
Duration : 2 min 29s
Bit rate mode : constant
Bit rate : 8 467 kb/s
Channel(s) : 6 CH
Channel layout : L R C LFE Lb Rb
Sampling rate : 44,1 kHz
Bit depth : 32 bits
Stream size : 151 MiB (100%)

This is the same when I try to import a 5.1 48kHz 24bit WAV in a new 48kHz montage. Same message.

But: I can import stereo files. This does not make any sense to me in a surround montage. Even importing six mono files does not work.
I know that this worked in WL6.

I’m very disappointed.

You can import a 5.1 file, but at present only in one specific way - and sadly, trying methods described as “import” is not what will get you there.

Create a 5.1 montage, and right-click in it, then select “Insert Surround Audio File”:

The file will be split into four temporary files for use in the montage; it is possible to render from the montage into a single 5.1 file, though.

It’s unfortunate that trying another route leads to a crash, but doubtless that will be changed in due course.

I do almost all my work in surround (4.0, not 5.1), and I have no trouble with inserting groups of mono or stereo files into my surround montages. I guess you’re missing something, maybe the assignment of the outputs of the montage tracks to the different surround channels, which is differently accessed in WL10, and easy to miss as the assignment is not displayed on the tracks as it used to be.


Paul, thank you. Does it split into LR, C, LFE, LRsurround ? I’ll try this nex time.

How do you treat your Surround (Quad) files before montage? Wavelab or Cubase/Nuendo?

Regards Mike

PS: the crash is only “available” when prelistening surround wav files in the file browser. WL9.5 is ok! Why is the older version having less bugs …

That’s very simple: development comes with a cost. Without innovation you’ll be totally bug free - and standing still.

Yes, that’s the split.

How do you treat your Surround (Quad) files before montage? Wavelab or Cubase/Nuendo?

I get four mono files from my recorder; they are the four capsules of my mic. A custom VST then calibrates and converts these into the four channels of first-order Ambisonics. For monitoring (and to put on the web as surround files) another VST then converts the B-format into quad speaker signals. It is a fortunate coincidence that all three formats are using the same four channels!

Why is the older version having less bugs …

We know that work is going on to enable WaveLab to handle multichannel (>2) files in the future - maybe an early change in preparation for this had a glitch…


May be.
Or yes.
But I did not expect a bug there. Because in the predecessor version it was okay.

If it will be removed it’s OK, if not …