Wavelab 10 Batch Process WAV File Tag issues

I am using the batch processor to convert WAV 4824 to 4416. All working great. But all my meta in the WAV is lost in the output files (also WAV). I have tried all three options for “Batch Meta:” Ignore, Merge, Replace. No matter what I choose, there is no Meta in my output files.

I am using Resampler, Mbit+ Dithering and WLM (true peak limiting) as my custom plugin chain (not sure if that has anything to do with it).

Again, everything works like a charm, just the meta (cover, title, genre aso) is lost.

Since I have meta in my original WAV, I am assuming its a broadcast WAV format and that the Meta is stored in junk. Not sure though.

Any help is greatly appreciated… Cheers!

** Update ** When looking at the MetaData for the original WAV file in Wavelab, I see that the headers for the tags are marked as “INFO” / “iXML” / “ID3v2”. Whereas INFO and ID3v2 have pretty much the same Meta, both of which I am interested in seeing in the output wav. The IXML info is irrelevant (to me anyway). When I open the output file again in Wavelab, the meta area is completely empty. Neither INFO, iXML or ID3v2 have transferred. In both cases its a WAV file (input and output file).

OK, I found a solution which works but is tedious. I have to manually open each WAV file in WaveLab, goto “METADATA”, then “Edit” and then under “ID3 v2” I click on the button “Use as Default for New .wav Files”. I then save the WAV file. Now when I batch process those files, all my output WAV files will also retain the tags. But the time I save through batch is lost in my manual operations.

Is there a way to apply this “Use as Default for NEW .wav file” feature in batch?

Also, before Windows 10 showed German Umlaute (ö,ä, ü) correctly. After clicking “Use as Default for NEW .wav file” in Wavelab, I see garbage instead of Umlaute (for tags displayed by windows). Seems like UTF-8 text encoding is lost somewhere along the way. At least its not displayed correctly anymore in Windows 10 columns (Windows Explorer) but still visible in WaveLab.

You just need this option normally:

Hi Philippe, I went back to check all my format presets and now it all works like a charm. The batch processor in Wavelab 10 is really something else: It surprises me every time how blazingly fast it is! I just love it and it really saves me tons of time. Thanks for your quick help and response!

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I am having an issue which looks like a bug (with transferring tags in WAVs in the batch processor). I tagged all my wav files before batch processing them in WaveLab. I then convert them (upsampling them WAV to WAV) and I make sure “Meta-Data → Inherit from Source File” is checked". The result is really awkward. It tags the output wav files with meta data from a project I worked on 3 months ago. No idea where it is getting the information from, but it is certainly NOT inheriting the meta data from my input wav files. When I check the META in WaveLab of the input WAVs they look as they should. But when I batch process them, I again get totally different meta from a past file / project. It looks like WaveLab is getting it from some cache or something, not from the input source file.

I am not aware of an issue here. But if you have a reproducible case, please supply some example file.

Sure, I will make a video this evening and post it.