Wavelab 10 does not open in Catalina


I’m running a Mc Pro with 24 GB RAM

Wavelab 10.010 when I click the icon starts to open (i.e., the icon bounces/moves in the dock.

But then it stops and it does not proceed to open.

I have uninstalled and re-installed it twice.

No joy… please help I have a mastering project with a tight deadline.

Try removing the preference folder.

Maybe also try updating the eLicenser Catalina may not … for example … be seeing it as ‘notarized’ for some reason.

Thanks - it is opening now but often crashing / closing down

Could be due to plugin compatability?

Is there a systamtic way of determining which plugins are causing issues - I have about 60 pligins!

Could be due to plugin compatability?

If you don’t have recent version of plugins, then certainly yes.
What plugins are you using?

Also, in this file path you might find some crash reports that give more info on the cause of the crashes: