Wavelab 10 is a step backward

  1. Dropping support for Windows MME drivers and not bringing WASPI as replacement
    To remove Windows MME is ok, it’s obsolete so I understand that decision.
    But only giving Generic Low Latency ASIO drivers for system soundcards is completely lame.
    Generic Low Latency ASIO was never really working (and still is not working) and is a complete mess because of the single application limit - so it cannot share the internal soundcard with other programs - all sound output besides wl is stopped - No one is using that.

Why not including the actual win 10 model WASPI - it’s working really great if looking at other vendors.

Btw. for most editing purposes the internal soundcard isworking perfectly (I’ve started with wavelab 6 and never had any problems until wavelab 9.5) - It was never needed to use my asio soundcard for that.
Also minimum system requirements are Win 10 so there are no compatibility issues with WASAPI!

  1. ASIO-Soundcard Sharing with Cubase
    Since Wavelab 10 soundcard sharing over ASIO with Cubase is a problem.
    I am routing the output channels from Cubase back to input channels and arm audio input in Wavelab to use the analyzing features.
    In WL 10 arming don’t show any input (the soundcard is showing an input)- same settings in WL9.5 perfect.
    Because I like and know them and so there was no need to buy other tools, but not usable that way in WL10.
    This was working perfectly until Wavelab 9.5. with great performance also on older PCs during Wavelab 6 times - not a single issue with playback performance or the visual performance.

Why that feature is also gone?

  1. Did you try ASIO4ALL ?

  2. To activate input signal monitoring (if this is what you mean), you need to open the Record dialog first.
    Another solution, is to click on the new Microphone icon at the top left of the Master Section.

Hello PG,
I was looking for the mic icon in Elements but couldn’t find it. Even in 10.0.20 Elements still can’t switch between 48 and 44.1, I’m forced to reproduce a 44,1 file via Resampling - Agree Wasapi wouldn’t be a bad idea. Maybe my internal card doesn’t fit the requirements, but I wonder how many win10 laptops might have this problem? 9.5.5 is totally good for me for the moment.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I was looking for the mic icon in Elements

Only for Pro

I’m forced to reproduce a 44,1 file via Resampling

Did you try ASIO4ALL ?

Yes I know Asio4All and for sure it will work.
If Wavelab would be eg. Audacity which is for free I would except this as workaround, but Wavelab is an expensive paid product.
And btw. Audacity supports WASAPI since 2 years!

Dear Philippe, I have to agree strongly on this.

Wavelab has been my main waveform editor for many, many and happy years. Now I’m being forced to use the previous version because it’s not possible to edit waveforms at unusual sample rates, which still is required in my work as a sound designer. I can’t resample all the sounds I have recorded and accumulated over decades of work just because my main editor now lacks the functionality to play them back.

I understand that for the best fidelity in mastering or CD editing a pure sample rate output is ideal (I mean, without any conversion), but for sound design it should be more flexible. I often use it along with Cubase to design sounds and music for games, and I can’t use both at different sample rates now.

Please reconsider this, and make Wavelab capable of playing samples that are at a different sample rate than the output device, or include a driver that does so. ASIO4ALL is not an option as it doesn’t do real time sample rate conversion. MME did this, as well as WASAPI.


You can use WaveLab Resampler plugin (Master Section) to play audio files of any sample rate.

Thank you for the reply, Philippe. Yes, that helps a lot! I didn’t thought about that possibility. It seems to add some latency but it’s a good solution.

However, wouldn’t be better if the resampler took place before the playback processing or if it wasn’t affected by the master section bypass? In my preferences the master section is bypassed automatically after rendering, which is very convenient, but that disables the resampler as well.
Or maybe the resampler could always work when the “Use Preferred sampler rate” button is checked.

Just throwing ideas.


You can also insert the Resampler in the playback section.

Oh! I tried, but only Sonarkorks Reference 4 and the Encoder Checker plugins were available to insert in that section.
Now I have realised that it needs to be configured manually in the pluggin settings to appear in that section. I suggest to make it available in the playback section by default.

It works great, I’m a happy man now. Thank you for the help!